[Cannabinoid therapy in practice].

[Cannabinoid therapy in practice].

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[Cannabinoid therapy in practice].

Urologe A. 2018 Apr 12;:

Authors: Rasche T, Emmert D, Stieber C, Mücke M, Conrad R

BACKGROUND: In recent years, the media and scientists have shown increased interest in cannabis-based drugs.
OBJECTIVES: Background information about cannabis-based drugs and their mechanism of action as well as discussion of possible applications as supportive therapy or in palliative medicine, respectively, are presented.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: The recent literature was examined and evaluated.
RESULTS: In many medical fields, we do not have sufficient evidence for the efficacy of cannabinoids. In German pharmaceutical legislation, the use of nabiximols for the treatment of intermediate to severe, therapy-resistant spasticity in multiple sclerosis is the only approved indication for cannabis-based drugs. Furthermore, in view of the current evidence cannabinoids, combined with established treatments and as part of an individual therapeutic attempt, can be used for neuropathic pain, cancer-associated pain and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related cachexia.
CONCLUSIONS: In most cases, today’s assessment of cannabinoids relies on studies that are classified as low evidence. Therefore, further studies which involve more participants and evaluate long-term effects are needed.

PMID: 29651709 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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